Our goal is to provide you personalized services, each of them made according to your personal requirements.
Our staff will answer to your requirements and meanwhile you will benefit of dental treatment in which the key words are:
professionalism, punctiliousness, excellency.
We had succeeded to open a dental cabinet in which the treatment to be made with maximum of professionalism and in a relaxing, friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

We want that you will comfortable and relaxed each time you are in cabinet.

DENTEX STEPH offers you services of prophylaxis, orthodontics, pedodontics, surgery, implants, parodontology, dental cosmetics, protetics and endodonty.

Endowments of the cabinet are in accordance to Romanian Authorities and EU Regulations.
Colegiul Medicilor Dentisti Bucuresti Uniunea Nationala a Asociatiilor Stomatologice